“Woe is me”

I was in the laundry room, changing our clothes from the washer to the dryer, and mom was in the same room putting stuff away. Jaclyn comes with a deeply troubled face, forehead down and says: “I’m very upset. Nobody wants to play with me.”

Let’s backtrack to the beginning of this beautiful Saturday in California. When we woke up Daddy was making pancakes. Lots of them. And Jaclyn got to watch two Pixar cartoons, because that’s a weekend treat. The we packed the car and went to the beach in Santa Cruz and played in the waves. We built sand castles, looked for treasures and had a ton of fun. A ton! Then we went and had lunch at Iveta, Conrad’s favorite place in West Side, close to where he worked at a Studio for many years. On the way back Jaclyn snoozed in the car and at home she played a few hours with Grammie and Grampa (though everyone was in need of rest after such a long fun day).

She has heard in the past the words, let’s take a break, or I need to rest a bit, you can play with anything else in the house, or read. And she is able and willing to do so, many times, but occasionally she just wants adults to play with her.

I told her: “let’s have a talk”. “No!” she responded with decision. “I want to be left alone for a moment.” I said “ok” and took the laundry upstairs. Then I went back and we reviewed together all the fun things we did today, and that I would be really happy if she showed some gratitude for all the fun things we did, instead of mopping around for no good reason. And I asked her to no ask any adult, for five minutes, to play with her. It’s her favorite thing to say: “play with me please!” she agreed but soon she went to Grampa’s room, where he as resting and told him: “my mommy said to not ask any adult to play with me for 5 minutes, so I’ll just sit here quietly until you finish your rest time.” – gotta love her filter!