Today we had three adoption meetings. We left there feeling like we’ve made progress but at the same time our hearts are heavy and our minds are set to explode.

Sleep routine

Almost every night we struggle with putting her to bed. I dread her tantrums. Or the pouting, or whining, or the million questions and requests after we closed the deal (read all the stories, rub the feet, sing the songs, pray, chat a little longer…)

Things J says at age 4.5

° She wakes up and goes to the living room where she finds daddy playing angry birds on his iPhone. “What are you doing daddy?” – playing a game – “Mommy said no more games on the phone in the morning. How many times do you want her to say this? A thousand times?”

A good boss. A good parent.

In 5th grade I was voted as the class president. I didn’t run for the title. I didn’t vote for myself. I didn’t know what the title entailed. Why did they vote for me?
My teacher for 4 year never favored me, not he highlighted my skills. He let me tread water. I was lucky he didn’t persecuted me. But he never encouraged me, nor did he guide me how to improve on what I showed I had talent in.

Multilingvism Spiritual

Abilitatea de a transcende barierele religioase se numeste multilingvism spiritual. Copiii au o capacitate extraordinara de a fi poligloti spiritual. Ei nu se impiedeca de ritualuri specifice si le privesc pe oricare cu sincera fascinatie, cu aceeasi incantare si uimire cu care admira gazele si florile, animalele si natura, gustul dulce si pielea matasoasa a mamei.

Am trecut in ultimii ani printr-o tranzitie oarecum dureroasa in ce priveste apartenenta religioasa. Si m-am gandit mereu ca Domnul imi stie inima, si imi cunoaste gandurile, iar detasarea asta inevitabila de familiar, de comfort nedisputat, a fost perfect ingaduita, menita chiar. Vedem deslusit doar in retrospectiva. Prin credinta dibuim uneori ce urmeaza sa fie, si de ce. Daca n-as fi trecut prin tranzitia cu pricina, as vedea altfel lucrurile. Obtuz. Si nu m-as putea pune in alti papuci. Desculta fiind, iata, a fost loc sa vad, sa simt, sa merg, sa incerc.