“Use your words”

Over and over again it is confirmed that what children need is not a perfect household, but a real home. Not perfect parents but honest, loving parents. There is room for mistakes. There is room for our hearts to pray to do better, always be better. And give them room to build resilience. Mental, physical… MORE +

A different type of labor

Two years ago, on my birthday, I remember bursting into tears at the notary. It was s repeat visit. We were running in circles. It felt futile. Yet we overcame it all. We forgot all about it, as we looked back from the vantage point of parenting. This paper chase is our labor. Two years later we are in labor again. And it is pretty much the same. We make the same mistakes (conrad forgot his passport home and our paper translator forgets to stamp a few pages). The extras CF takes three business days to be issued, though we managed to squeeze Jackie’s medical evaluation a week early, it’s to no avail. Today left me with a splitting headache and a completely exhausted body. But I’m still alive. And the chase continues.


It’s raining. Jaclyn woke up early to come with me and Rufus for a morning walk. She talked and sang, and bossed Rufus around. MORE +

Appearances and brave heart

It’s hazy. White clouds move fast through the hills. I dropped J off to kindergarten and upon getting home, before the workday starts in earnest I took conrad and Rufus for a walk. Yesterday Conrad went outside only after 5 pm, eyes sore from allergies and computer work.

Spring things

A bunch of neighbors gathered on this sunny Saturday to do some spring cleaning around our buildings and the green area, trim hedges, the wild tips of trees, the dry branches, rake and aerate the ground. It was energizing and exhausting all the once. It was beautifully unifying for the neighbors. And Jaclyn spent all day outside. Helping some, talking lots, chasing Rufus, then singing from the top of her lungs. For a couple of hours sing is all she did. Ample arm movements, spins and twirls, singing loudly. She is delightful. Now she sleeps deeply, dust between her toes, sun kissed, happily exhausted. This is what childhood is all about.

Foc si seminte din 22 feb

Dupa doua luni de vara in mijlocul iernii, de soare, de muschi relaxati si de dezinvoltura, pregatiti mental pentru asta, ne-am intors la iarna. Si nu ne-a coplesit nici nu ne-a descurajat. Dar ne e spatele mai adunat, ochii mai mici, cheful mai putin.


Conrad is deleting his facebook account. I just browsed through his pictures and got nostalgic. He seldom posts, but his input is always artistic, inspiring. MORE +


The day before our trip, it snowed in Oradea. We were going to go to an aquapark. I was exhausted and unsure if it’s the right time to go. But I made the plans a few weeks prior, and to take my parents too. Conrad stayed home with Rufus and his broken foot, with a ton of work. MORE +