One breath or retrospective

In retrospective things make sense. I evaluate and see clearly. But writing on the go, processing present events, actions, feeling, this blog makes me feel a lot more vulnerable. I share as I go and at times it feels lame, un-chiseled, incomplete.

As you may have noticed, I write I one breath, like I used to in high school. No time to reshape and edit. Pen and paper, in one continuous stream. There is some raw beauty in that kind of expression. Though typos are confusing and annoying even for me if I ever go back to read. Sometimes I donโ€™t understand nor do I remember what I meant.

So I stumbled upon an old text in notes ๐Ÿ“ and I thought it was a quote from somewhere. But no, it was me. I drafted that text a few years back, for my blog.

We detach so much from our old selves over time. The essence remains deep within, the truth, the belief, but the details that give color always surprise me when I revisit old writings.