How well do you understand adoption?

I know now that I didn’t know anything really, back when I decided to dive into the deep end of adoption. But I knew then how little I understood, and I was afraid. I asked myself: do I really want to start this journey and do I have what it takes to survive it?

I’m always a bit nervous to get going anywhere new. Adventure is thrilling and exhausting all in the same breath. My first trip across the Ocean was all by myself just as I turned 21. I thought I was quite mature then, and in some regards I was, but for the most part I was so young, so innocent, ever so hopeful and filled with dreams and belief. I regret nothing.

Every story is different and that is why I feel drawn to come near and listen to my fellow journeyers in orphan care. In Romania people don’t share enough, if at all. The differences give artistic color, while the similarities make me feel connected.

I do not presume to have arrived. But I know I have begun in earnest. And so I release into the sky, like a healed bird, my first book, shedding some light on our adoption, but most importantly, giving my daughter a voice. She has a strong, clear and courageous voice. And she is only 5.

If you are interested to buy this 48 page colored book, for your own enjoyment or to read to your kids, adopted and otherwise, don’t hesitate to send me an email at

The book will cost $6. Hot off the press in January, we will ship anywhere. I’ll post here an update about the shipping costs, but it will probably cost $2 shipping. We take PayPal, QuickPay with Chase and no transaction fees in US. I’ll be sending gift copies to Conrad’s grandmothers who live on the East Coast, and test the postal service that way.

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  1. Again…… I am so impressed with your writings! The publication of your book will be a huge blessing to so many! You teach all your followers so much and I thank you for putting all your words into a book! Can’t wait to read it, dear Vio!

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