Tovaras de viata

Unele ganduri merita si trebuie spuse pe limba lor, pe limba natala. Era o vreme cand vorbitul sau scrisul in engleza simpifica, facea lucrurile grele sa fie usoare, de spus si de primit. Scriind pe limba mea iar imi amintesc de curgrerea melodoasa si expreiva a cuvintelor. Gandesc in engleza cand vorbsc in engleza dar avand un bagaj latin plin, complex exprimarile au fost mereu expresive. Putine cuvinte, multa intelegere. MORE +


I got some clarification on the adoption front. As we followed through with Jaclyn’s adoption, our file has been closed as successful. If we want to adopt again we have to start from square one and gather the paperwork: notarized declarations, with a translator’s input for conrad and stamp as legally informed, medical evaluations, police records, friends and coworkers endorsements, apartment proof of ownership, income proof… the whole nine yards. All this being said, having the timeline clarified puts my mind at ease. I’m not missing any window of opportunity. As we’ve chased many offices two years ago, now it seems that we need to run the same trail again to obtain practically duplicate papers. MORE +

Something different

“So, I want now for someone else to adopt me.” says J. as a matter of fact.
“Hmmmm… And who did you have in mind?” I ask intrigued, thinking that she may have given it some thought.
“I don’t know! Somebody! Maybe Melisuca (the other foster baby girl).”
“Well, she’s a baby. She can’t adopt you. But in reality, we are stuck with each other. There are no trades. We can’t give you back and you cant give us back. We are family forever. Plus, we come as a package deal with your grandparents from California and the ones downstairs and all the cousins.”
“Even Luca Paraschiv?” she asks taken aback.
“Yes. He is part of the family and he was our nephew first.”
“Hmmm. I guess I’ll stay.”
“I think that’s a good idea. I love you and I like having you as my daughter.”


Acum un an spuneai “gande” in loc de galben, si era dulce. Te mai încăpățânai sa stalcesti o mâna de alte cateva cuvinte. Azi nu te mai saturi sa vorbesti in engleză. Deplin, fluent, complex. MORE +