I went to a Sting concert last night. It was groovy. I’m not the concert going type. I never was. But last night was cool. I was wearing one of my Apple earring pairs, a gift from a former Apple colleague. My unusual earring are conversation starters. Conrad got to tell someone that I actually have a job waiting for me there, for the two months we’re in California. It has been confirmed on Monday in great terms. I’m excited!

Our diva turned 4

Tonight we were trying to help her answer the “How old are you?” question in english, without getting silly or freeze. Then I asked her about her name to which she answered in clear crisp english: “My name is Jackie!” and it took me by surprise. We never taught her this. Then I kept going: “what color are your eyes?”, “what is your favorite color?” and she would answer and then repeat the same questions to daddy and me and Rufus. It made me laugh out loud with joy. She is smart and cool. And it’s not a credit to us. She is becoming her own little person and we just got front row seats and we get to love her lavishly.

One year

It has been easier than I had expected. It always is in retrospect. But truly, the color, the joy, the thousand decibels of giggles they paint the picture of parenting in full splendor.


I don’t pray enough. There are seasons and seasons. When I feel powerless, vulnerable actually, afraid, when I’m needy, that’s when prayer pours out of me like a mountain spring: fresh, abundant, unfiltered, unabridged. MORE +


I read this article interviewing successful adults, former foster care kids who never got adopted, yet they made it, due to their insight about studying hard as their exit ticket breaking the cycle of doom. They were all in a room brainstorming about how they can impact the next generations of orphans. They were all asked a single question: “what one change would you have implemented in the foster system?” MORE +