Favorite things

What is your favorite thing about home?
– Rufus
Who is your favorite person?
– Mami! (Smiling broadly)
What is your favorite food?
– Milk
What is your favorite thing about this neighborhood?
– The green field
What is your favorite thing at your grandparents house?
– Chocolate (ahem!)

…ask me more about my favorite things!


Bed time

After we read the long bedtime story she asks: “Can you stay with me for a little while?” –“Sure!” I say, not worried one bit that I’m going to spoil her. The thought had crossed my mind during the first months. Not anymore.

I caress her face. I trace her forehead, nose, chubby cheeks, chin… she starts breathing slowly. I kiss her goodnight and slip away to spend some quality time with her daddy. My husband, friends and great conversation partner.

She looks at me through half-closed eyelids. I return the gaze smiling. It’s darker in the room. It’s peaceful.

I love her little face. She is beautiful to me. She is my baby. When I cuddle her in my arms, like a baby, she says it. I acknowledge it.

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Those four sister

As we received our certification that we are able to adopt, I was contacted by a friend who runs a non profit organization rescuing children at risk, caring for them temporary or long term through different partnerships or in the Hope House, and they have in their employment social workers who work on navigating the process for adoptions.


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She missed me

Daddy picked Jackie up from kindergarten today. It’s a cold spring day. Heavy rain. Hail in the morning. It’s brutal. One day sunny. One day gloomy. Such is life.



Listening well

A week ago Jackie got a cracked upper lip (after the cold). Now she keeps picking at the scab. It never gets enough time to fully heal. She picks at it especially during nap time a kindergarten.


Safety circle

The child protection services is hosting a free 7-weeks class that serves new parents, in teaching them all sorts of wise things. I started it last Thursday along with 7 other families who recently adopted or have just been matched with one or two children.