School is almost out

I read a lot lately. And my mood is influenced by what I’m reading. The last book I finished talks about brokenness and it brought me into a bit of a funk. As odd as it might sound: I liked it. I enjoyed it. It was real. MORE +


The weekend came and we went kayaking. What a joy. Though it started with a meltdown just as we started rowing because Jackie forgot her little mermaid toy in the car. MORE +

Little women

“Kids were mean to me today. They didn’t like my hair. They said I looked like a wolf. And… don’t laugh! They said I looked like a pig. It made me very sad. Just Ugo said he liked it. And Lucas was nice to me too.”

Little sister turns 31 today

Halie –
So generous, so loving, so wonderful!
– You embody sisterhood.
Your clever mind, enthusiasm and amazing patience make you shine.
I have felt so loved and welcomed by you. Always.

How I treasure the memories we share:
Traveling, working together, vacationing, exploring, hiking.

I miss you. I love you lots!


I am in awe of the miracle she is. Our fast growing daughter is a like a ripe peach, soft checks, warm forehead with a sticky string of gold hair draping over her temple. She breaths peacefully. I go next to her and caress her face. We let her sleep in. She rarely does… alas it time to get ready for kindergarten. So I whisper a made up song about how much we love her, and cherish her and how beautiful she is. She wakes up with a cheerful disposition. Always. She never wakes up grumpy. I love that about her. Mornings greet with with a smile. While Going to bed is almost always a challenge. MORE +

8 more years later


What is love?

The memories two people share together, the respect and admiration two people have for each other, the way they miss each other during the day when they aren’t around one another. And “in the end, only kindness matters” …this is the line of a song that I don’t remember anymore.

Join me in prayer

Jaclyn prays for her sister at every meal and occasionally at bed time. Short and sweet. She sighs and says with pathos: “Dear God!!! Thank you for my little sister that she is safe and joins us soon”. That’s how she asks for things. “Thank you for my dad’s leg to get better!” MORE +