God Bless Grandparents

My parents who live in the same building just a few levels down, have been traveling quite a bit this summer. They always do, but they make sure they are around when we leave so they can take care of Rufus.

Social etiquette

I find Jackie fascinating when I don’t try to control her behavior. She has a mind of her own, and she trusts her gut, she is confident, and usually right in social circumstances, albeit she is just a toddler. She asks for permission, she goes and knocks, visits and delights in her hosts, accepts anything graciously and declines what she does’t want, without a trace of embarrassment.


Summer heat

It’s sizzling hot. The trees in our neighborhood are young and provide little shade. The mandatory day walks with our dog run short and behind the building shade.


About poverty

– Mommy, are we poor?
– Why do you ask? Did someone ask you?
– No. I came up with this question all by myself.
– Do you know what poor means?
– Yes. It means to not have food, and to not have clothes…
– And do you have food and clothes?
– No. I am poor!

July was a hard month

I don’t remember being depressed in the summer. January, February are the hard ones. What I remember is being extremely bored during my junior-high summer vacation. I find some similarities between that long-ago-summer and this one. Not my boredom is heavy. Jackie’s vacation and socializing needs on top of our diverse and time-sensitive projects.

Summer. At home.

I printed a photo book with Jaclyn’s first months with us. I captured her smiles, her curiosity, her cuteness. But her true rich joyous self is only now beginning to show. MORE +