The center of a family

Over the course of a few weeks we built a relationship of affection and trust with our matched daughter. She was our daughter from day one, though only 6 months later I am holding the new birth certificate.


Sunday fun and sass

We have been slowly nursing a cold. Last night for the first time in almost a week, she slept through he night without tossing and turning, and without snoring.

Her discomfort is inevitably paired with attitude. Her energy level is unchanged, and her desire to play is constant.



Snot and staying home from kindergarten

I was in second or third grade and I had missed the lesson about roman numerals. I went to my grandparents in the mountains, with my mom by train… and I thought it was grand. But I was not expecting the consequences of feeling left behind in school. I had missed just one day after all! This has shaped my sense of always showing up, of commitment and not missing any days of school or of work. In retail it was very hard, as there were seemingly unending seasons of flu going around. And I had worked many days not feeling great.


Honeymoon year

I remember a sound advice we received around the time we got married. I must have also read it in a book. It said to take the time to enjoy one another. Pull away from weekly commitments, especially church ones. Does that sound counterintuitive?


Last adoption steps

It felt like we arrived the day we got the call that the matching period is over and we are starting the 90 days pre-adoption chapter. Jackie was moving in with us full time. This happened on Thanksgiving day.



A milestone. The first visit back.

I refuse to live in bondage of any kind, especially the bondage of fear or what if. Tomorrow we will visit the foster parents for the first time in over 3 months. They have been part of her memories and a point of reference (exasperating at times) for almost anything in her new life. MORE +



We dug up all my treasures, boxes of jewelry, buckets of earrings, old rings, necklaces, bracelets… we spent an hour trying them on, mixing the earrings and then finding their match… MORE +


Court Date

A year ago I was watching an emotionally charged video of a young family adopting two little girls. We were just starting in earnest on this journey and we were filled with enthusiasm.


A New Bed

Before we met Jackie, we bought a convertible crib; one of those cribs that have an adjustable bed height and can be a junior bed. Well, Jackie already seems to be growing out of it, so we bought a full size twin with a proper mattress. She loves it, and says “Now I’m a Big girl!”. She hasn’t figured out that it’s sturdy enough to jump up and down on yet, but it’s just a matter of time…

She does still like to co-sleep though, especially when she’s not feeling one-hundred percent, usually with Mami. So every so often, when she’s up in the “big bed” with Mami, and I can’t sleep due to snoring/kicking/blanket hogging, her new bed is just right! Plus, it’s also closer to the coffee in the morning.