Familiarity with kids

Little kids made me uncomfortable as an adolescent and young adult. I felt no desire to hold them or to interact with them. For the most part I didn’t understand them, and as far as I could remember I was just not around babies at all. Though as a little girl, I played mommy for a life-size baby and I enjoyed it greatly.

My legacy…

Holding baby Caleb in my arms, I often start praying for him, almost involuntary. This innocent, fragile creature will grow up to be a strong man, to honor God, to bring glory to Him.


Exploring nature on a whim

In college I longed to go explore beautiful Romania. But I can count on one hand how many times I did that. I love nature, I enjoy hiking, but I was in a pretty lazy crowd. Only three guys had cars, and the logistics of traveling were otherwise complicated. And the days, the weeks, the months, years would go by without tasting the joy of exploring nature in its splendor.


Cand ma asez seara tarziu in pat, si o aud in surdina pe Jackie cum ofteaza in somn, nu mai am cuvinte, desi gandurile alearga mai cu viteza.


I get the best ideas for my book when I’m driving alone, or late at night, after I’ve settled in bed. It’s harder than I thought to streamline and consolidate all my ideas, to narrow it all down. Simple is better. I love structure. This blog has none, no rhyme or reason. But it’s a blog and it is where I process in writing sharable thoughts. But every day I toy with the idea of taking it offline. MORE +

November warmth

It is a special season and we are finally wise enough to know it’s a limited time.
Kids will grow older, we will allow ourselves to be stolen by others’ needs, wants and expectations. I sure hope we will stand strong, and root our hearts and minds into Eternity. But we can’t plan for others. We can only plan for ourselves to be light and salt… MORE +

Through her eyes

The best way to empathize is to put myself in my daughter’s shoes, to see the journey through her eyes. I often quote her wittiness. So why not tell her story the way I remember processing the world when I was her age. MORE +